Future Digital Finance 2019

February 12 - 13, 2019

Omni Amelia Island, FL

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Day Two – Wednesday, February 13, 2019: Customer Experience Optimization, Retention, And Data Management

7:15 am - 8:00 am Women In Digital Banking Breakfast

Listen and be inspired by an accomplished group of accomplished women; then, cultivate new friendships and discuss shared industry challenges.

7:30 am - 8:00 am Breakfast


Olga Rodriguez

Content Director
Future Digital Finance 2018

8:05 am - 8:20 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

8:20 am - 8:45 am Keynote Case Study: Welcoming The Disruption of Artificial Intelligence

David Berglund - SVP, Artificial Intelligence Leader, U.S. Bank
In this session David Berglund from U.S. Bank will discuss the important role that artificial intelligence is playing in the transformation of the financial services industry. This is a not to be missed presentation! 

David Berglund

SVP, Artificial Intelligence Leader
U.S. Bank

8:45 am - 9:05 am Keynote Town Hall: Integration Across Channels: Providing Your Customer With A Seamless Experience During Every Interaction

Kevin Karrels - SVP, Digital Channel Strategy Executive, First Tennessee Bank
Creating a seamless omnichannel experience can be a long process, but FI’s understand that customers want to have the same experience regardless of the touchpoint. As more and more experiences become integrated or start to mimic each other, what’s the next step in creating an seamless experience for your customer? This session will talk about the endless buzz around omnichannel and what’s next in providing truly seamless experiences:
•Understanding your customer’s needs in order to optimize every experience they have with your organization 
•Gaining executive support to implement effective omnichannel strategies 
•Implementing tools that consistent and provide your customer with a seamless journey
•Optimizing the efficiency of various channel to provide a frictionless customer experience 


Kevin Karrels

SVP, Digital Channel Strategy Executive
First Tennessee Bank

9:05 am - 9:40 am Keynote Panel Discussion Remix: Determining The Right Third Party Relationships To Effectively Foster Innovation In Your Organization

Sara Rountree - SVP, Head of Digital, Union Bank & Trust Michele Fernandez - SVP Head of Compliance, BCI Miami Kader Sakkaria - Director – Technology, Business and Portfolio Management, BMO Harris Bank
Many financial institutions want to implement digital innovations but don’t have the capability to do in-house. In those cases, they turn to technology and solution providers. The relationship between financial institutions and third parties is vital to digital transformation, but it is also complex. In this session we’ll talk about:
•Coordinating with third parties to align contracts and project timelines 
•Finding third parties that work well together to have a complete view of your customer 
•Getting leadership to look beyond costs of third party agreements in favor of the long term benefits
•Gaining internal alignment and prioritization during vendor evaluation to achieve valuable innovation 
•Looking across the organization to be truly successful in vendor implementation 


Sara Rountree

SVP, Head of Digital
Union Bank & Trust


Michele Fernandez

SVP Head of Compliance
BCI Miami


Kader Sakkaria

Director – Technology, Business and Portfolio Management
BMO Harris Bank

This special presentation will take a look at the intersection between technical and social constructs of security and privacy. This is a must-attend session if you’re thinking about ways to evolve while maintaining your customer’s data secure. 

Yan Solihin

Director of Cybesecurity & Privacy Cluster, Charles N. Millican Chair Professor in Computer Science
University of Central Florida

10:00 am - 10:30 am Espresso Yourself Networking Break & Speaker Breakdown

10:30 am - 11:00 am Keynote Audience Q&A Panel Discussion: Getting A 360 Degree View Of Your Customer To Provide Personalized Service

Purvi Shah - VP - Customer 360, American Express Dan Armstrong - Chief Digital Officer, BankMobile Lisa Huertas - Chief Experience Officer, Texas Tech Federal Credit Union
Customer relationships need to be optimized because although FSIs can compete on rates, rates can’t be relied on to create well-nurtured customer relationships. This session will show you how to best optimize your customer relationships to create engagement and loyalty.
•Analyzing the benefits of open API’s to get a holistic view of your customer 
•Understand your customer and their needs to provide personalized experiences 
•Understanding the strategies to identifying the vendors that work well with each other and allow you to have a full view of your customer 
•Integrating platforms that allow for strong customer engagement and visibility
• Putting strategies in place to get a whole view of your customer that will allow you to better serve them and increase their loyalty


Purvi Shah

VP - Customer 360
American Express


Dan Armstrong

Chief Digital Officer


Lisa Huertas

Chief Experience Officer
Texas Tech Federal Credit Union

11:00 am - 11:20 am Keynote Case Study - Let’s Stop Talking Digital and Start Talking Customer Experience

Bruce Lowthers - Co-Chief Operating Officer, Integrated Financial Solutions, FIS
There’s a lot of hype around digital trends in the financial services industry. But we need to keep in mind that digital is not the end game but rather an enabler. What’s really important is what it enables, and that is all about a new customer experience. Today’s banking consumers are looking for an experience that’s as effortless as shopping on Amazon or ride-hailing with Uber: one that will integrate across the channels they use to manage their financial lives. In this keynote address FIS Co- Chief Operating Officer, Bruce Lowthers, will share how financial institutions can leverage new innovations and open banking in order to stay top of mind, phone and wallet by driving great experiences. 

Bruce Lowthers

Co-Chief Operating Officer, Integrated Financial Solutions

11:20 am - 11:50 am Keynote: The Fintech “Bank Tank”

Trevor Brosnan - CTO, Plastiq
The FinTech community is a hotbed for innovation and the sheer volume of tools being developed can seem overwhelming at times. In this all new Future Digital Finance session we’ve invited emerging FinTech innovators to showcase their promising disruptive technologies. Each company will have 5 minutes to share their technology and 10 minutes of Q&A time with a panel of FSI executives. Hear your peers ask deep dive questions around how each of these technologies will better support digital transformation and innovation. 

Trevor Brosnan


11:50 am - 12:15 pm Keynote Fireside Chat - Relationship-Based Community Banking: Exceeding Customer Expectations

Joel Smith - CMO, Bank of Tampa
It’s a very competitive environment for financial institutions but it’s even more so for community banks that often don’t have the capital to spend on technology innovations. On the other hand, it’s often the case that a community bank’s customers are looking not just for the latest tech; they are also looking to build a relationship. In this session you’ll hear from senior executives at community and regional banks who have looked strategically at what their clients need to exceed their expectations. 
•Looking at ways for community banks to stay relevant and offer clients what they need 
•Understanding the reasons that clients seek out community banks in order to better meet their needs 
•Thinking about the value in the experience that community banks offer their clients 
•Identifying what technology your clients need in order to meet their expectations
•Fitting your customer expectations in your list of organizational priorities 
•Exceeding customer expectations in order to remain competitive 


Joel Smith

Bank of Tampa

12:15 pm - 12:35 pm Keynote Case Study – Providing The Right Service And Tools For Your Digital Customer

Michelle Spellerberg - Vice President, Marketing & Digital Strategy, Alliant Credit Union
There are many FSI’s that have a customer base that never physically enters their branches. The style of engagement and servicing is not the same for digital customers as it for those who also participate in traditional banking models. In this session you’ll learn the best methods for increasing customer engagement in a digital capacity.  We’ll talk about:
•Thinking about marketing opportunities that exist in digital channels versus physical locations 
•Servicing segments of your customer base depending on their preferred channel 
•Looking at the behaviors  of new customers versus longer term customers 
•Providing education and tools for customers looking to transact with banks in digital channels only


Michelle Spellerberg

Vice President, Marketing & Digital Strategy
Alliant Credit Union

12:35 pm - 1:35 pm Vendor-Led Roundtables

Join us for peer-led small group discussions that will facilitate meaningful idea exchanges and networking! These roundtables will include two 25 minute sessions so you’ll get the chance to learn from and network with a variety of other attendees. 

1.Led by D3 
2.Led by Promontech
3.Led by Backbase
4.Led by OpenLegacy

1:35 pm - 2:20 pm Lunch for all attendees

1:35 pm - 2:20 pm Private Lunch

Track A: Customer Engagement and Loyalty 

2:20 pm - 2:30 pm Chairperson’s Afternoon Remarks

2:30 pm - 2:55 pm Case Study Remix: Using Guided Selling To Improve Your Customer’s Experience And Remain Competitive

Brenda Arndt - AVP & Director of SEO, U.S. Bank
Disruptors like Amazon and Google are shaping today’s customer expectations by providing seamless experiences. FSI’s are looking to do the same for a variety of reasons, one of them being a general lack of financial literacy among consumers. This means that often customers aren’t able to easily identify the products and services they need from their financial institution. In this session we’ll discuss the why FSI’s should look to guided selling as a means to improve the customer experience.
•Optimizing guided selling in order to remove customer friction from the process of product selection
•Using data to understand the kinds of products and services your customer is looking for on your site 
•Using AI and machine learning to generate new buying opportunities from existing customers  
•Delivering guided interactions and personalized experiences in order to better serve your customer and remain relevant 


Brenda Arndt

AVP & Director of SEO
U.S. Bank

Track B: Data, Compliance and Risk Management

2:20 pm - 2:30 pm Chairperson’s Afternoon Remarks

2:30 pm - 2:55 pm Case Study Remix: Identifying Where Data Should Live Within Your Organization In Order To Achieve Your Innovation Goals

Courtney Fischbach - VP, Social Media & Digital Experience, Legg Mason Global Asset Management
Many digital initiatives require that FI’s be able to track, measure, and analyze data to better identify what changes need to be made to strategies or business models. However, ensuring that the necessary people have access to that information requires a change in the way that FI’s have previously organized data. This session will take a close look at data ownership and access and will tackle:
•Transforming data ownership in order to better leverage the information FI’s have at hand 
•Understanding the value of properly utilizing customer data to innovative and meet customer needs and expectations
•Being able to utilize existing data to solve customer problems and increase operational efficiencies 
•Learning how innovative organizations have structured data ownership to improve customer  experience and support internal efficiencies 


Courtney Fischbach

VP, Social Media & Digital Experience
Legg Mason Global Asset Management

Interactive Roundtable Track For Financial Service Executives Only 

2:15 pm - 2:50 pm Topic #1: Using PFM Tools To Create Smarter Customers

Arpit Gupta - SVP Product Innovation, Bank of America
Hosted By: Arpit Gupta, SVP of Product Innovation, Bank of America

Arpit Gupta

SVP Product Innovation
Bank of America

2:55 pm - 3:05 pm Innovation Spotlight

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Lightning Round Panel Discussion - Using Informational Content To Increase Customer Acquisition And Engagement

David Andrews - VP, Home Lending Sales Strategy, TIAA Bank Scott Hurlbert - FVP Digital Channels, People's United Bank Chris Barlow - VP, Mobile Banking, WebsterBank
Consumers are always seeking out ways to better understand their finances. They want to learn how to save and how to asses risk, but financial literacy is not high in the United States. FSIs can leverage that gap in consumer knowledge to digitize educational content that will attract new customers and engage with existing customers. This session will discuss: 
•Creating educational and informative content that will engage your existing customers and increase their loyalty 
•Attracting potential customers at important points in their buying cycles 
•Creating content that is effective on every channel where your customers can interact with you
•Defining the value of your content and customizing it for your customer’s personas to provide well-tailored material 
•Engaging with existing and potential customers using educational marketing content 


David Andrews

VP, Home Lending Sales Strategy


Scott Hurlbert

FVP Digital Channels
People's United Bank


Chris Barlow

VP, Mobile Banking

2:55 pm - 3:05 pm Innovation Spotlight

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Lightning Round Panel Discussion: Aligning Internal Data To Be More Actionable

Sean Jones - AVP Digital & User-Experience, Redstone Federal Credit Union
Customer data can exist in individual silos and FIs are trying to find the best and most efficient ways to connect this information so it is actionable across the organization. Make your data more actionable by attending this interactive panel.
•Acquiring real time data to better understand your customer and clients
•Creating an efficient  data dashboard 
•Looking at the role of AI in protecting  analytical data in real time 
•Evaluating different data delivery systems
•Improving customer service with gathering data 
•Creating  your  own data aggregation tools vs. using  third party tools 


Sean Jones

AVP Digital & User-Experience
Redstone Federal Credit Union

2:55 pm - 3:30 pm Topic #1: Using PFM Tools To Create Smarter Customers (continued)

Arpit Gupta - SVP Product Innovation, Bank of America
Hosted By: Arpit Gupta, SVP of Product Innovation, Bank of America

Arpit Gupta

SVP Product Innovation
Bank of America

3:30 pm - 4:15 pm Beat The Heat Afternoon Networking Break

4:15 pm - 4:40 pm Fireside Chat: Optimizing Customer Experiences To Drive Loyalty In Banking

Lisa Huertas - Chief Experience Officer, Texas Tech Federal Credit Union
Banking can be viewed as a difficult chore. Some customers choose where (and how) to bank based on convenience and rates. Loyalty is nonexistent. Banks and other financial institutions must think about ways to facilitate banking for customers in a way that builds a relationship (not just a series of transactions). In this session we’ll talk about: 
•Breaking down unnecessary barriers for the customer to retain them as clients
•Creating engagement so that customers keep coming back to your platform
•Taking a transactional platform and making it an engagement platform 
•Thinking about the factors that engage your customers 


Lisa Huertas

Chief Experience Officer
Texas Tech Federal Credit Union

4:40 pm - 4:50 pm Innovation Spotlight

4:50 pm - 5:15 pm Closing Fireside Chat: Implementing Conversational Banking Strategies To Increase Customer Engagement

Melissa Musgrove - Head of Social Media, Regions
Advances in AI and the increase of mobile usage have caused FSI’s to rethink the way they communicate with their customers. However, digital communication is still a relatively new initiative and FSI’s are looking to understand how customers want to be interacted with and the most effective ways that can be accomplished. 
•Implementing a conversational banking platform that is easy for your customers to connect to on any device 
•Keeping your customer’s transactions secure while providing them with the experience they expect 
•Thinking about how to work with your technology vendors to create conversational banking that uses natural language and is not “phrase driven” 
•Using conversational banking to help your team members better address your customers’ pain points
•Leveraging conversational banking to better engage with your customers 


Melissa Musgrove

Head of Social Media

4:15 pm - 4:40 pm Fireside Chat: Effectively Managing The Threat Of Security Breaches To Keep Your Customer’s Information Protected

Eddy Ortiz - VP, Solution Acceleration & Innovation, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Security breaches and data leaks have become increasingly common in nearly every industry, but FI’s know that they’re an obvious target because of the large amounts of financial data at their disposal. In this session we’ll get an in-depth look at:
•Putting infrastructure in place to monitor suspicious activity 
•Finding technical solutions that don’t have gaps and won’t expose your customer’s information
•Educating your staff so they understand the nature of data breaches and how they can best be prepared
•Managing the very real threat of security breaches while providing your customer’s with the experience they want 


Eddy Ortiz

VP, Solution Acceleration & Innovation
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

4:40 pm - 4:50 pm Innovation Spotlight

4:50 pm - 5:15 pm Closing Fireside Chat: Safeguarding Customer Data In A Mobile Wallet

Joe Whitchurch - Head of CreditWise, Capital One
Mobile wallet usage is increasing and FI’s are looking to ensure that their customer’s card information is safe. When fraud is such a large problem but your customers expect to have the ability to choose how they make payments, how can you be sure you’re providing the experience they want while also protecting their data? In this session we’ll talk about:
•Putting controls in place within the mobile wallet to keep customer information safe 
•Identifying controls that can be implemented within the mobile wallet to make it easy for customers to lock  and unlock the card 
•Offering customer support options to protect purchases made internationally
•Implementing mobile wallet features that delight the customer while keeping their data safe  


Joe Whitchurch

Head of CreditWise
Capital One

4:15 pm - 5:05 pm Interactive Roundtable Topic #2: Integrating Business Banking Solutions for Community and Regional Banks

Joel Smith - CMO, Bank of Tampa
Hosted by: Joel Smith, CMO, The Bank of Tampa


Joel Smith

Bank of Tampa

5:15 pm - 5:15 pm Conclusion of FDF 2019