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Digital Finance Research Briefs

Why Customer Experience in the Financial Services World Cannot Afford to Ignore a Human-Centric Design Philosophy

Within our upcoming report from Future Digital Finance, we will be underlining the strategies that your peers are using to develop their own human centered experiences. This includes establishing strategies for attaching metrics to positive design choices, investments in supporting technology, and the articulation of a philosophy and framework for high CX achievement.

Challenges of Voice Integration and Security Implications in the Finance

Today, one of the tools that are making waves within the financial space is the ability to interact with a device to enable transactions, balance checks, or authorize other actions solely using voice recognition and spoken commands.

Providing the Right Service and Tools for Your Digital Customer

In today's financial environment, CX is a critical consideration. Proliferation of choice and flexibility thanks to online banking and financial apps means that brands have more competition than ever, and much of that competition is based on the premise of enhanced convenience.

Blog Posts

CitiBank's Mobile Online Banking Strategy

An award-winning, digital-focused global leader in banking, CitiBank is expanding its digital offerings with new online and mobile app integration.

JP Morgan Chase's Omnichannel Banking Strategy

JP Morgan Chase abandons its digital-focused strategy to instead pursue an omnichannel one, investing equally in both physical and digital banking services.

Bank of America's Digital Banking Strategy

Bank of America's new digital debit card allows you to make secure transactions and manage finance on the go.

Radius Bank Goes Big on FinTech Partnerships

Radius Bank has partnered with FinTech providers and startups for various cutting-edge technologies that could transform the way digital banking services are offered.

Ally Financial's Online Banking and Instagram Strategy

Ally Financial created a truly digital mortgage experience with Better.com and ran an Instagram campaign that opens previously-taboo discussions about money.

N26's Amazing Online Banking Services

Devoted to its customers, digital bank N26 is coming to the US with a vision of delivering amazing banking experience via advanced feature offerings.

Greenlight Financial's Brilliant Debit Card Account Strategy

The Atlanta-based fintech has announced a new kind of debit card, designed to help a unique demographic learn to manage their money.

US Bank's Digital Technology Beyond DIY Banking

US Bank is linking Talech's POS system with its commercial banking service to offer its customers actionable insights backed by real-time data.

How Wells Fargo Elevates Mobile Banking Experience with Innovative New Feature

Wells Fargo is reimagining the mobile banking experience with a new feature to its mobile app called "Pay with Wells Fargo". The feature will make it easier for the bank's 22 million mobile app users to digitally manage their accounts and make payments on-the-go using just their smartphones and other mobile devices.

One Million People Are Now Using Erica - BofA's AI-Powered Chatbot

Meet Erica - Bank of America's new virtual financial assistant. Billed as the first widely-available virtual assistant in financial services, in essence, she is a chatbot, now available for free within the BofA mobile app to the bank's 25 million mobile customers.

TD Bank Is Winning at Social Media Marketing with Customer Appreciation Campaign

TD Bank has a track record for showing appreciation to its customers. For this year's #TDThanksYou campaign, the bank decided to focus not just on the people, but on the work that they do to improve their communities.p>

How Citigroup is Banking on Global Success with Digital Technology

With innovations such as these covering a worldwide scope, it's clear Citigroup isn't taking a back seat when it comes to embracing digital technology.

How Vanguard is Helping to Turn Acorns into Oaks for Gen Z Investors

In offering up its portfolio for Acorns' users, Vanguard is helping remove elitism from the world of stocks and shares, and open it up to the investors of the future.

How HSBC is Using AI to Take Money Launderers to the Cleaners

The sophisticated AI technology can spot patterns and inconsistencies which would be impossible for manual checks to detect.

Here's How Wells Fargo is Ponying Up for its Digital Transformation

Capital One isn't just thinking about how technology is used to augment the customer experience, but also how they can remain sensitive to societal progression at the same time.

Using Data Driven Performance Marketing For Financial Services

Data driven marketing metrics for financial services, affiliates, and customers.

How Vanguard is Helping to Turn Acorns into Oaks for Gen Z Investors

Vanguard has been keen to partner with tech startup Acorns, and play the role of investment managers for their exciting new project.

How CIBC Is Winning the Mobile Banking Competition

CIBC is at the very forefront of digital and mobile innovation in banking and the efforts have not gone unnoticed.

How RBC Is Using Video and Digital Advisory Tools to Bring Back Face-to-Face Interactions

High-quality, reliable, video banking services are an exceptional addition to RBC’s tailored approach to servicing its customers.

How US Bank Strives for “Single Channel Excellence” with “Multi-channel Consistency”

The future, as US Bank sees it, is not a digital-only banking world.

How TD Bank Is Tackling the Authentication Challenge for Omnichannel Banking

Providing an omnichannel banking experience is fast-becoming an imperative for financial institutions, rather than a luxury.