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2019 Innovation Briefing

The financial service industry is changing. When it comes to banking and managing finances, consumers have more choices than ever before. As digitization continues to change how your customers interact with consumer-facing brands – it’s time for you to make a change. Your customers expect seamless experiences that offer improved personalization over their account and increased transparency with their finances. Financial Service companies have 2 choices: adapt or be left behind. In this short report, you’ll get a quick look at what FS companies are doing to innovate along side digital transformation trends.

The State of Customer Acquisition

Financial services marketers are under tremendous pressure to acquire new customers—usually at the mercy of frequent promotions and mass discounts that may devalue their brands. Now, 95% of marketers claim they would be interested in using or learning more about gated offers. This Consumer Markets report reveals the current state of customer acquisition and how marketers are confronting the challenges of a noisy marketplace.

Transforming Finance with Customer Experience Management

Large tech companies like Google and Amazon have set a standard for customer expectations. Now, those customer-centric industries are encroaching on space that was once exclusive to financial services. Financial institutions have large amounts of data that need to be segmented in order to engage customers in a timely and relevant way, but can they compete? Utilizing Customer Data to Meet Evolving UX Expectations explores the intersection between customer behavior and engagement in tech, retail, and other industries and how banks are meeting consumer demands as those expectations carry over to the personal finance sector.

Benchmarking Performance Marketing Adoption within Financial Services Strategies

The fundamental principle of performance-based marketing is that all activities should be tracked, measured, and recorded, and that marketing partners should be rewarded based on their performance. This report benchmarks the extent to which financial services companies are using various channels and highlights performance-oriented partner and affiliate marketing as part of the marketing mix. Learn how financial services companies are:- expanding their investments in performance-based marketing- driving customer retention through nontraditional programs

Monetate | 2nd Annual Personalization Development Study

Businesses are reprioritizing personalization to meet consumer demands. Now, discover why more than 70% that exceeded revenue expectations in the last 12 months have personalization-specific financial incentives in place.Produced by Monetate, global leader in personalization software for consumer-facing brands, their 2nd Annual Personalization Development Study provides insights from 500 North American and UK-based senior marketers who share their challenges and successes with personalization across the retail, hospitality, and financial services sectors.

The Journey to Digital Maturity

This study evaluates the digital maturity of financial services companies, assessing the obstacles that are inhibiting their digital development, as well as the solutions and capabilities that are enabling it. The study also evaluates how financial institutions are impacting the customer experience and how they are leveraging mobile. Although the majority of financial institutions surveyed indicated that they are investing in their digital capabilities, only 3% of respondents believed that they have reached full digital maturity. This underlines the fact that digital maturity is a fluid process that often involves the transformation of  organizational structures and technology platforms. 

2018 Digital Innovation Briefing

The finance industry is at a crossroads. Consumers have a wealth of options at their fingertips and it’s no longer simply about picking one restaurant over another or driving this car or that car. Because of the digitization of our lives, consumers see how their options expand even into the way they bank and invest their money.It’s now time for banks and other financial institutions to either adapt or fall short to the expectations of their customers or prospective customers.In this brief report, we show you what small and large financial institutions are doing to not only stay afloat, but innovate in the face of the current digital transformation.

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