The Journey to Digital Maturity

Customers’ preferences, lifestyles and ways of engaging with their financial institutions have changed drastically over the past decade. From walking into your local bank branch and saying hello to the teller, to pressing a single button on your phone. With the introduction of new technologies and innovation, expectations for financial institutions (FIs) have changed. Customers want to be able to use financial services whenever and wherever they are. However, FIs are adapting slower than consumers are adopting these new digital mediums due to compliance issues, getting buy-in from upper management, and infrastructure upgrade costs.

In essence, technology has leveled the playing field, giving smaller players the chance to compete by being more agile and getting innovations to market first. Therefore, if financial institutions want to maintain a competitive advantage, they need to be at the forefront of digital innovation by offering customers the right products using the right device, being able to measure customer interactivity across channels and ultimately justify their marketing spend to deliver their greatest possible ROI.

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