Future Digital Finance 2020

March 09 - 10, 2020

Hyatt Regency Miami, FL

Experience Future Digital Finance

Connect and learn even faster at our onsite events. Every year, we curate new experiences at the event to enhance relationships and spark innovation outside of the session room. Click on any event below to learn more.

These interactive roundtables will bring together financial services executives with similar challenges. They will have the opportunity to tackle their biggest technology hurdles and learn best practices from one another. Exclusive to 10 executives.

A solutions-focused meeting providing Heads of Digital and Innovation the opportunity to address a specific concern in the privacy of a closed-door session. This is a great opportunity to network and learn from industry peers who are facing the same challenges and opportunities.

Around The World is designed with a rotating moderator every 25 minutes to build off of the previous conversation, so you can dive deep into your pain points and hear multiple perspectives on how to address them. In an intimate setting of 15 attendees, these conversations will guide you to finding tactical solutions to your digital innovation struggles.

Time for some fun in the sun (and exercise)! This morning run will get your blood pumping so you’re ready to take on a whole new day of learning. Take a break from banking tech talk and connect with your industry peers in a refreshing way!

Women bring a different perspective to digital banking. Use this intimate setting to discuss the challenges women in finance face and celebrate your successes as a group! You’ll leave feeling inspired, supported and ready to take on your next big idea.

Led by a member of our carefully curated speaker faculty, the Digital Finance Tech Hub Workshops will give you the insights you need to implement innovate technology. Come prepared to discuss specific technology implementation challenges with like-minded peers!

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