Future Digital Finance 2020

February 11 - 12, 2020


Expert Reviews

"Great group, great speakers, and a great set of topics at a time of tremendous change and transformation in the world of retail financial services. Recipe for the generation of ideas that will influence the path of retail financial services for decades to come."

Alex Sion, President & Managing Director, Movenbank

"It was beneficial for me to attend Net Finance to gain perspective on how others are approaching the business, technology and marketing challenges of our industry. In addition to the presentations, the 1-1 conversations and relationship building are key takeaways for me."

Ralph Betters, CIO, Third National Bank

"NetFinance consistently serves up high quality speakers that provide deep insight in the digital financial services space. It's a must attend conference for anyone that is looking to see what's on the horizon ."

Ranjit Sarai, Director of Mobile, CIBC

This past conference, I really enjoyed the digital wallet presentation by Capital One's Tom Poole. He helped me think about card issuers in a new way: Forget about payments; the real innovation is springing from issuers' data to enhance consumers' shopping experiences.

Mary Wisniewski, Social Media Editor, Royal Media Group

The content presented at the conference was timely for us, as we're evaluating new channels, exploring the optimization of current channels and determining how to integrate these channels seamlessly. Interesting to note that no matter the size or scope of our companies, we all experience similar challenges. The conference provided a good forum for marketers and channel owners to share best practices and learnings to help each other.

Christine Nessen, World Omni Financial Corp

"I think Net.Finance is a great opportunity for any credit union employee. Most credit union people tend to only go to credit union specific conferences, where you get input from like-minded people. It is important to get a broader perspective of the industry as a whole and hear what your other competition (banks, insurance agencies, etc) are focusing their time on. Net.Finance brings these groups together so we can learn alongside each other and find our similarities instead of focusing on our differences."

Melina Young, Director of Marketing, Verity Credit Union

"Though I missed last year's Net Finance, I was able to tune to the social chatter via Twitter…I saw what great content and conversations I was missing, and how many of my industry colleagues were there. I vowed to never again miss this premier conference in banking technology and strategy."

Bradley Leimer, VP Mobile/ Internet, Mechanics Bank

"Attending NetFinance is always a great way for me to step out of the every day grind in order to spark new ideas and keep up with the latest trends and innovative thinking in our industry."

Megan L. Anderson, Retail Marketing, Prospect Acquisition Team, T. Rowe Price

"I thought the topics were interesting and speakers and materials were of very high quality. Definitely felt like I got a lot out of it and would plan to attend again."

Debra Shear, VP Direct Marketing, VP Direct Marketing, Liberty Mutual

"Great event. The balance of leaders from financial institutions driving the online and mobile agenda, plus ecosystem partners made the event very worthwhile."

Christopher "Che" Mott, VP Global Business Development, Q-go

"I have attended several WBR events over the years and I was impressed with the Net.Finance presentations. This show is a great forum to learn more about the latest technology trends/innovations in the financial industry - and to network with the pioneering game-changers as well."

Tony Paolella, Sales Manager, Cotendo

"Overall I enjoyed the conference and would recommend it. The speakers and panel topics were good."

Carol Tillman, SVP, Director, Corporate Online Marketing, Northern Trust

"I had a great time at the conference and hope to be back next year."

Renaud Laplanche, CEO, Lending Club

"It was beneficial for me to attend Net Finance to gain perspective on how others are approaching the business, technology and marketing challenges of our industry. In addition to the presentations, the 1-1 conversations and relationship building are key takeaways for me."

Ralph Betters, CIO, Third National Bank

"Each time I attend Net.Finance it is a totally new experience with new attendees and fresh content. It is the most unique financial services online marketing conference of its kind. The event should not be missed as the networking is always focused and top notch."

David Dalka, Web Marketing Consultant

"Net.Finance allows new adopters to learn, mid-players to expand, and early adopters to share."

Director of Marketing, Fremont Bank

"Net.Finance addresses the most pertinent marketing and e-commerce topics each year - I always look forward to attending."

Greg Cardinali, Vice President Product Management, Wachovia

"Hard to improve, my third year and you're doing great!"

Valerie Passwaiter, Marketing Manager, NWFCU

"Great, my first Net.Finance conference, good networking opportunity!"

Eileen Tsai, McAfee

"With a solid mix of topics, discussions, and networking, Net.Finance continues to provide a solid ROI on the time invested in attending."

Brian Jurutka, VP, comScore

"Net.Finance conference is the best conference I have ever attended. All marketers ... in/out of the financial services industry should attend."

Henry Stoever, SVP, StudentLoans.com

"I wanted to thank you and your team for putting on a terrific event. I thought the quality of the speakers/panelists was excellent. Seemed like a really nice mix of large and small organizations with some very innovative approaches to the industry. I'm already looking forward to next year!"

Kevin Lynch, SVP eCommerce/Contact Center, 1st Mariner Bank

"Net.Finance was the perfect forum to interact with colleagues and learn from their challenges and solutions."

Matthew Wilcox, VP Corporate Marketing & Communications, Zions Bank

"Excellent job finding and matching the speakers ... you could simply tell that these were 'the' people in their industry from which to learn..."

Marc Ostryniec, VP of Sales, Financial Services, Americas., Bazaarvoice

"...I thought that the environment was good and most of the presenters shared valuable information - the discussion in the room really helped!"

Scott Hurlbert, Director, Online Services, Peoples.com

"Net.Finance is a great opportunity to hear great presentations from practitioners...I always learn so much when I attend Net.Finance."

Shari Storm, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Verity Credit Union

"One of the hallmarks of a great conference is great, insightful, challenging questions after each presentation. That happened constantly at Net.Finance."

William Azaroff, Director, Online Banking & Engagement, Vancity